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I'm calling this entry June 14th. Haha I have been drawing but usually at work on technical documents and such that I can't share, and also been lazy about scanning :x

I scanned this little fellow though, may color him eventually!


June 8th

Jun. 8th, 2010 06:41 pm
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Quick update, I usually hang out on tuesdays with my bf, so I dunno how many of these daily sketches thing will actually appear on a Tuesday. Most will probably transfer over to a Wednesday.

Anyhoo, stretching kitties! Reason why to be shown eventually!


June 7th

Jun. 7th, 2010 11:05 pm
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Wasn't even going to draw today, and just sleep early as I've been sleepy all day, but made myself sketch at least *SOMETHING*

I'm not especially proud of it but eh, I promised I would share and show my progress. Taken from a pic on a modcloth blog.

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I created this journal ages ago in hopes of making it a public sketch blog. Well here's my first entry finally! I never started it because I don't feel what I have is good enough.

It's a silly fear and whatnot, but its finally time to start facing them, and just have fun drawing ;]

I'm going to try to update often. Most will just be sketches such as this one, fiddling having fun, testing the waters so to speak. Hopefully as I grow and gain more confidence, more finished pieces will come to rest here.


I took this out of my sketchbook. It's an attempt at capturing a likeness of John Simm, as well as planning out the image I used for my Livejournal profile. Red panda's riding gondolas? Maybe, the red panda taking the place of St Mark's Lion? Maybe! Final image/process might be my next entry :]


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